Tenant Profiles, Demographics, and Demands Reshaping Apartment Architecture in Texas Metroplexes

Texas is a fairly young state. Demographics show that over 50 percent of the population is composed of younger people (34 years and below). The last few years have witnessed a high number of people moving to the state in search of jobs.

Additionally, universities and colleges also attract a new generation of tenants, which are mostly young people.

So where are all the newcomers living? Mostly in rental apartments. According to an analysis done by Pew Research Center, homeownership has dropped. More people are renting than before. Renting is more dominant among minorities, young adults, and people living in lower income brackets.

The tenant demographics and demands have made investors rethink their apartment design. Due to the changing dynamics, more investors are forced to look for new architectural designs to satisfy their tenants.

Let’s look at some of the tenant demographics and demands reshaping apartment architecture in Texas.

1. Quest for Urban Lifestyle

More people, especially young adults, are moving to cities. Technology, education, and better living standards have led to the influx of people in cities and urban towns. Most of the people moving to towns are renting apartments. The diversity of people has led to different demands for housing.

Additionally, the millennials want to live in a place with like-minded people. On the contrary, older renters prefer suburbs where the environment is serene and quiet. However, a serene life comes at a higher cost for the lower and middle classes.

Young adults have a strong desire for an urban experience. The desire is fueled by technology and enhanced amenities because they create an aura of live-work-and-play nirvana. Such demands have made real estate investors tailor new architectural designs that cater to the new breed of tenants.

For many people, renting is the only affordable way to get to urban cities. Buying an apartment in cities is close to impossible for most people. More than half of Texans spend over 30% of their income to cover housing costs.

The availability of amenities fuels the demand for an urban lifestyle. You don’t need to go on a highway as everything is centralized.

2. The Desire for Affordable Luxury Housing

Another factor reshaping apartments is the desire for affordable housing with significant amenities. Many people want to live in high-rise luxury apartments. However, many investors focus on deep-pocket customers when it comes to luxury housing.

High-end luxury apartments are equipped with top-dollar amenities such as infinity pools and advanced design features. The desire by many tenants to own such apartments has proved to be a costly dream.

The trend has led to the demand for affordable luxury apartments. Investors have to fulfill the demand by building luxury apartments for the middle class. Consequently, architects are tasked with designing new plans for affordable luxury apartments.

Architects must develop micro concepts that meet the tenant’s demands. For instance, in Houston, there are micro apartments designed as micros, and the rents are affordable. The concept has worked because most young adults don’t spend much time in their apartments.

Another trend driving micro units is close access to a grocery store.

3. Demand for Apartments With Amenities


Wooden figures of people

Due to the life-work balance, there’s increasing demand for social life in apartments. Tenants want spaces they can gather socially, unwind and still work there. The demand is mostly from millennials.

The social areas are being designed and equipped with amenities such as:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • USB ports
  • iCafe
  • Car-sharing service
  • Pet grooming
  • wine cellar
  • Aerobics and yoga classes
  • Wine cellar
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Concierge

In some luxury apartments, the design resembles more of a resort or hotel because of the services provided. For instance, some apartments have cooking classes for tenants. Others have concierges on call to cater to their tenants.

Unlike some years ago, high-rise buildings must have terraces and rooftop decks. The terraces have pizza ovens, barbeque grills, music systems, and comfy seating where tenants can unwind and have a good time.

Another amenity that has witnessed change is the fitness center. It’s no longer an exercising area where you can do cardio, aerobics, or yoga but a place to gather and socialize.

Pet-friendly buildings are also in demand. Tenants want a place where they can get animal grooming services and recreational areas for their pets.

Parking spaces have also fueled the reshaping of apartment architecture. Real estate investors are now providing bicycle parking bays where tenants can store and repair their bikes. The bike-friendly amenities are giving architects design and security challenges. The design has to keep the bikes safe in a limited space.

4. Demand for Smart Apartments

There’s a new demand from tenants. They want everything operated from a central device, a smartphone. The new millennial tenants are tech-savvy, and their preference is taking a different angle.

With technology changing rapidly, building owners are left struggling with how to deal with the changing tenants’ demographics and demands. For instance, a large number of millennial tenants want internet TV access. However, property owners may not be in a position to remodel their properties to meet such demands.

The tenant demands have led to the design of smart apartments equipped with

  • HVAC systems
  • Smart locks
  • Smart lighting
  • Voice assistants
  • Motion sensors

Smart devices play a crucial role in monitoring access, cooling, lighting, and heating. Converting a house into a smart apartment can be costly and complex. Investors and building owners are left to devise new architectural plans to satisfy tenant demands.

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