Student Housing Design: Trending Amenities in 2024

By January 15, 2024Student Housing

The student on-campus experience evolves with every generation. Students today study as much with their smartphones as previous generations studied with books. Students are a social and tech-savvy bunch who benefit from innovative surroundings that enrich their learning experience.  Student housing design aligns with the latest technology and styles while creating timeless spaces that will become the home base of study for years and decades to come.

What does 2024 have in store for trending student housing amenities? It should come as no surprise that the recent focus on whole-self wellness and high-tech design has introduced new sets of amenities that modern students will love.

Give Each Building a Signature Feature

One thing that your architects can offer is a signature feature that makes every student housing building unique. Why have endless towers of identical dorms when you can make the name of each dorm ring out with meaning and individual appeal? One dorm may have a charming protected courtyard for students who love to garden and relax in private outdoor beauty. Another might have a pool in the basement, or a cutting-edge art studio in a sunny upper-floor atrium.

Students will make their choice in housing with more motivation, excited to be housed where their favorite unique amenities and features will become a part of their every-day life on campus.

Promote Physical Wellness with 24/7 Fitness Centers

Wellness has been drawn sharply into focus, particularly the challenge that students face to remain physically healthy during a demanding semester schedule. Campus fitness centers are often far from most of the dorms. Instead, innovative fitness centers can be built inside each dorm to that students have an easy time slipping a workout in between class, study, and sleep. In fact, roommates and friends are more likely to encourage each other and work out together when there is cutting-edge gym equipment just a short walk and within the safety of the dorm building.

Tip: Place the fitness equipment near the laundry room so that students can complete a workout while waiting for the dryer.

Comfort Within Reason with Smart Thermostats

The latest technology can also help students to make themselves comfortable in each room – within reason. Smart thermostats, for example, allow students to control heat or AC in their room. However, building policy can set the maximum and minimum temperatures. Once a students phone leaves the building, the thermostats can be set to reset to prevent overuse.

Encourage Shared Study with Stylish Study Lounges

Students enjoy open spaces and the design opportunities for study lounges continue to evolve. The latest trends include a combination of comfortable group seating and private study rooms. These rooms can be booked by individuals or groups of students studying together.

Add plenty of outlets for laptop chargers, and consider an induction phone charging panel for every table and couch arm. Students can enjoy a choice between sunny windows and cool basement dens. These can give options to students depending on their moods and the nature of each study group. Consider a little of both in each student housing design.

Design Space for Bicycle Storage

Many campuses are seeking to reduce the amount of parking necessary for students. A big part of that is embracing the necessity of many student bicycles. There are now innovative methods to offer locked and monitored bicycle racks near the dorm entrances and exits. Student housing can also provide recharging stations for electric bikes and scooters to increase mobility and sustainable transportation for students around campus.

Get Creative with Accessible Design

Lastly, we are proud to include stylish and creative accessible design in 2024s student housing design trends.  As inclusivity becomes a leading value in modern design, handicap accessibility steps into vogue. Look for sleek furniture that easily accommodates a wheelchair. Choose sloping floors where ramps occur naturally without the usual awkward switch-back near shallow steps. Ensure that every sign features braille and that landscaping is as accessible as the building interior, with stylishly sweeping paths and doorways that naturally provide easier mobility.

Discover the Latest Amenities in Student Housing Design with Ted Trout Architects

If you are planning a student housing building, make it uniquely uplifting, life-enriching, and stylish with the help of a professional architect service. Ted Trout Architects can help you bring your vision to life, drafting innovative and cutting-edge student housing floor-plans that embrace the principles of complete student wellness, an encouraging study environment, sustainable design, and sleek accessibility.

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