City of Houston Development Regulations

By March 1, 2017City of Houston

The Department of Planning and Development regulates land development in Houston and within its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). The city of Houston does not have zoning but development is governed by codes that address how property can be subdivided. The City codes do not address land use.

The Department checks subdivision plats for the proper subdivision of land and for adequate street or right-of-way, building lines and for compliance with Chapter 42, the City’s land development ordinance. Development site plans are checked for compliance with regulations that include parking, tree and shrub requirements, setbacks, and access.

The City amended Chapters 42, 33, 39 and 40 for development related items.
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In accordance with City of Houston policy, most fees will be raised by 1.0311% on January 1, 2017. The fee schedule shows current fees and fees that will become effective January 1, 2017. The new fees will apply to applications submitted on or after the effective date. Click here to see the fee schedule.

Subdivision Platting

  1. Process Flow Chart
  2. Fees
  3. Subdivision Ordinance (Chapter 42)
  4. Online Plat Submittal (Plat Tracker)
  5. Ordinance Notes
  6. Public Hearing Guide
  7. Variance Guide
  8. Amending Plat Guide
  9. Surveying Requirements for Subdivision Plats
  10. Additional Parking Consideration
  11. Transit Corridor Options
  12. Street Paving Requirements for Shared Driveways
  13. Garbage Collection Plan
  14. Policy clarification document – Garage BL’s for corner lots in ETJ
  15. Chapter 42 & 26 Presentation to AIA

Houston Planning Commission

Subdivision Plat Recordation – 611 Walker St., 6th floor

Site Review – 1002 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor

Located at the Houston Permit Center, 1002 Washington Avenue, the Planning and Development Department Site Plan Review is one of the steps in the building permit process. Plan Analysts review plans for new structures, additions and remodels to ensure compliance with lot size requirements, building setbacks, parking, and landscaping.

  1. Process Flow Chart
  2. Submittal Requirements
  3. Fees
  4. Additional requirements for site plan review:
    1. Off Street Parking Ordinance – Chapter 26
    2. Landscape Requirement
    3. Multifamily Residential Review
    4. Development Plat Variance Form
    5. Residential Buffering Ordinance
    6. Access Agreement Required – Chapter 10.8
      • Access Agreement Form
  5. Forms
  6. Expedited Plan Review Rules

Other Land Development Ordinances

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